An average man is faced with drastic change in his everyday life: Things start to vanish, his job, his home, his girlfriend - how long until he himself vanishes?

„Vanishing“ is a short film produced by German film director Martin Menzel at New York Film Academy in New York City, 2009/2010. The film has a running time of 20 min and was shot on 16mm film with a 16mm Arri SR2 camera.

„Vanishing“ takes a very subjective approach on the effects of the recession and economic crisis. Mike Kleinman is a character that is hit by circumstances that he does not understand, and that effect his whole life. In it’s core the story is about being in control of one’s life. Mike has to learn the difference between letting things happen and making things happen.
This story is brought to life in a heightened reality style. The film takes it’s characters and the events surrounding them absolutely serious, thus giving the metaphorical level a grounded believability.

Producer/Director Martin Menzel
Writers Martin Menzel, Cecilia Malmström
Assistant Director Vera Schmidt
Associate Producers Christophe Lepage
Elinor Aldal
Assistant Producers Francesca Nale
Ekaterina Kuptsova

Director of Photography Guntram Franke
Assistant Camera Martina Casas
Gaffer Pontus Tegner
Daniele Napolitano
Grip Aksel Stasny
Sound Rodrigo Sanchez
Sound Design Friedrich Wohlfarth
Editor Martin Menzel
Music Composer Philipp F. Kölmel

„Vanishing“ – cast list

character actor/actress
Mike Kleinman Armin Hägele
Mia Dudek Ewa Adamus
Grey Man Kelly Karavites

Bartender Stephen W. Tenner
Office Chief Joel Horwitz
Waitress Abbie Carty
Times Square Mia Antje Thiele
Bodyless Woman Carla Birkhofer
Headless Man Kazy Tauginas
Legless Woman Gillian Riley
Heartless Man Tristan Spirit
Half-Transparent Woman Carol Cady

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