"Big Laugh Wedding" // Jerry + Angie
What can I say about Jerry and Angie?

They are truly one of the kind couple. There are so many things happened on their wedding day, something unique about them. They just want to be themselves. What Jerry said, it's a happy day.

It's quite a challenging and yet fun day for our cinematography team.

It's not everyday we shot the couple with their bridal party having breakfast together in Fried Kwetiau (Rice noodle) stall.

It's not everyday we shot the groom to have his hair cut in the morning of the wedding day in the shopping mall.

It's not everyday we shot their reception entrance using one cool vespa (small motorbike) :D

It's not everyday that they wish to have a bit of pre-wedding shot in the construction place.

We LOVE it so much when a couple like them truly believe that wedding day is the day to express one another. It is an unique story to tell.

This is one perfect wedding for our debut work in Jakarta. (Sorry for the delay upload). In our opinion, this is the real test to be storyteller who is responsible of unfolding the story about them, not just the story about the wedding.

I know we are so looking forward heading off to Surabaya soon to the wedding of Angie's brother who has been our loyal fans from the day we step our foot in Indonesia (now we call them friends :D).


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