CHOP STICK CHOPPERS, Kazutoshi Yamaguchi.
They are a downtown area in Tokyo, and a storekeeper of a chopper store that makes a home in West Sugamo.
Its own car is EL knucklehead of the 1941 models which become the association over 30 years.
It is a garage chopper which holds in the bosom Tekken by whom the boa rise was done at 1200 cc.
Animation of having been affected when he was a brat
The violent vehicles of the feeling nakedness of metal in which which view of the world was projected are made.
The influence of bantam engineering Shin-ya Kimura who becomes the association from the photograph collection "ZERO CHOPPER SPIRIT" to which he released the desire to send something, by self-publication on the breast in 2000 from Japan is unfathomable.
Incidentally the origin of the name of CHOP STICK of a store name was taken from "chopsticks" with deep familiarity to Japanese people.
Japan is loved and the inside of the breast of this man that loves a chopper from the heart is approached.

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