The flower of life is an ancient symbol, traditionally it is represented as a 2d image
The traditional symbol used to describe the flower of life shows the cross section of the multitudes of interconnecting spheres.

I have attempted to show the 3rd dimension of this unique and all-encompassing symbol.

The flower of life has been referred to as the map of the universe, an interconnected symbol of mathematical perfection in which many geometrical forms can be generated within the intersecting points. The flower of life symbol has to be thought as a 2d representation or a cross-section of a 3d form.

With this animation I hope to show what the inner workings of a 3d spherical flower of life are. I feel this animation represents more an illusion of what an actual true 3d flower of life would be like, as in an interesting way it loses its correctness the further it goes away from the centre.

Based upon an original concept I made in 2002.

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