Course Objective:
• Understand the concept of Integrated Profit and Finance Planning
• Be able to construct a profit plan, finance plan, and budgeted balance sheet using a certain set of information and figures
• Learn how decisions in various parts of a company affect financial planning
• Comprehend the big picture behind financial planning and anticipate what changes in future figures could affect future profits

Course Description:
Participants will learn about integrated profit and finance planning, using the skills acquired in previous accounting courses from the Start Module and advancing to calculating finance plans for the future. Using case studies, participants will work with the instructor on putting together a finance plan, profit plan and budgeted balance sheet for the next year, as well as work independently and in groups to understand the difference between fixed costs and variable costs when planning for the future.

The class consists of lectures and individual work in class, so that participants can immediately apply the skills they learn to real numbers and gain a grasp on how financial planning works. Using a method specifically designed to teach these concepts in a short amount of time, participants will finish the class with a much greater understanding of how decisions they make affect financial planning and what kind of flexibility there is within a company to maintain profits when costs in different categories change.

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