The Chameleon is an animated pilot, developed by Pomade:

The Chameleon takes place in an alternate New York City, where two tyrannical mega-corporations battle one another for control of the worlds expanding technologies. In particular, a cyberspace reality known as "The Grid" has become the focus of their strife. At a stand-still, both financially and through physical aggression, the companies resort to hiring a mysterious assassin, Adrian, to eliminate targets for their opposing forces. Unbeknownst to either company, Adrian works for both sides, pitting each corporation against one another. His motives ambiguous in nature, Adrian feels no remorse or satisfaction with his actions, functioning almost as a machine in his duties. Adrian, it becomes clear, is a deaf mute, who utilizes special technologies to accelerate his perception and physical performance.

Adrian also deals with a mysterious "partner", who only appears to him in the virtual form of a Chameleon.

The plot of the Chameleon revolves around a young girl, named Jessica Bennett, who lives in the East Village of New York City. While Jessica leads a mostly uneventful life, at night she experiences recurring dreams of a masked individual, whom she comes to believe is a demonic presence. Although Jessica is not aware of her abilities, she is able to gain access to The Grid without any type of hardware, thus making her both a danger and an asset to anyone who has her in their control. Xun Li, a 17 year old programmer living in the Chinatown area of the city, has an unrequited crush on Jessica, and tries his best to keep her out of trouble, even if it means putting himself in danger.

Leon Petersen, a federal officer recovering from a nervous breakdown, is reinstated and tasked with hunting down and arresting Adrian, much to the chagrin of his wife who feels he is not ready to return to active duty. Leon, realizing Jessica's importance (though not her actual abilities), decides to use her as bait to apprehend his suspect.

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