Believing our union with Christ massively impacts daily living.

I. Question: How does the Gospel Work, really? (vv.1-2)
Our ongoing sin in the gospel of abounding grace

II. Answer: Real Union (vv. 3-10)
Baptism into death and life in Jesus Christ

III. Applied: Believing the truth (vv. 11-14)
Freedom in a new identity

“The foundation of sanctification is rooted, not in humanity and their achievement of holiness… but in what God has done in Christ, and for us in union with him.” (Sinclair Ferguson, Christian Spirituality)


· Why might a rational person find Paul’s message about sin hard to believe?
· If asked how to change behavior as a Christian, what’s your reply?
· If change is not based in rule-keeping, then what is it based in?
· How does a focus on our union with Jesus Christ lead to change?

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