I integrated weapon sound design from all original recordings (no library sfx) into the game Crysis using FMOD Designer. I also wrote the music in the clip.

Guns recorded:
Glock 9mm
Taurus 9mm
Colt 1911 .45 ACP
S&W .357 Mag
Colt .44 Mag
Mosin Nagant
Springfield M1A1
Remington 870 12ga shotgun

Guns replaced:
SOCOM pistol (1st & 3rd)
SCAR U.S. rifle
FY71 Korean rifle (3rd)
DSG1 sniper rifle
Gauss Rifle
Molecule Accelerator
Molecule Arrestor

Abstract sound elements for alien guns:
Big spring pluck, car trunk hydraulic hatch, cologne spray, asthma inhaler pump spray, digital camera servo, elevated train by, Porsche bys, soldering iron on an ice cube, lav inside a PVC pipe swinging, egg timer, wood chipper, vacuum cleaner, electric back massager, & a lav inside an inkjet printer.

more information available at stephenhodde.com/crysis

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