How it works:

• You record your child singing a recognised nursery rhyme. This can be done using an iPhone, mobile phone or the microphone in your computer.

• The voice recording should be without any backing (no music at this stage) but must be clear, fairly good quality and close to the microphone but without distortion.

• You then email the recording to me.

• I then produce your recording in the studio with vocal effects, matching it to the music, put it on a CD and then post it to you!

• If you email a photo I can print this onto the disc as well.

Tips On Recording:

• The recording of your child singing does not have to flow with the song, it can be in sections, on several separate files, out of time and in any key. All this is sorted by me.

• I can fix most things during editing but the key to a good quality CD is the quality of the original recording that's you!

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