"The journey lies not in finding new landscapes but in finding new eyes" - Marcel Proust.

This video is about the book I am publishing entitled 'Finding New Eyes: A journey across foreign lands'.

About the book:

It will include extracts of previous diary entries including from both home and abroad and describes the journey of a drug addicted heartbroken girl who seeks to find herself by travelling the world. It may sound cliche' but starting in India life will complicate when she falls in love with a village man after spending her time teaching the young local children. She aims to learn hindi, learn to cook and dance as well as teach and finish her long distance philosophy courses and write a blog and book whilst there, only to further embark on travels and teaching opportunities throughout Asia, including South East Asia, China, Mongolia and the Stans. On the journey she meets a variety of fascinating characters including some of her old friends from back home.

I have been lucky enough that upon lifes path I have encountered some horrible experiences that have enabled me to be fortunate enough to see the positives in life and enjoy it for all it offers! I have had a lot of amazing experiences and met some incredible people and I thank all of you for joining me on the journey! This book is about both acknowledging where I have come from and where I am going in life and I am excited to defer and embark on the journey of a lifetime, writing the whole way. I have found myself, found the road, and I would like you to take the stroll with me.

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