This is a video I have made for Macs Adventure, to show a little about what the Camino de Santiago is all about. While it is essentially a religious pilgrimage and a walk with a lot of spirituality about it, I wanted to focus on what I felt was the most important part about the route. The people that you meet are the crux of this walk and with the limited time and equipment I had, I wanted to try and show this off.

Almost everything is hand held, due to not wanting to carry a massive tripod on my long days walk, so there is a bit of shakiness going on, and where the flimsy tripod was used, the wind was blowing full on, so conditions were not tough. These are not excuses by any means, I still think its a cool wee film, but can always see ways to get better.

Thanks to for the opportunity and thanks to Ceace for the music.

Shot with a Canon 5d mkii and a tripod that i bought in some mad shopping mall in Kuala lumpur and turns out to be utter rubbish.

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