When the courts, police, and parents can’t provide 24-hour protection for our nation’s children from predators, one group rode in to fill the gap.

Approximately 906,000 children are victims of abuse & neglect nationally every year. 1,500 of those children die every year as a result of abuse and neglect. Those who survive are often sent into a downward spiral of addition, crime, mental illness, violence, and teen pregnancy. And 1/3 of abused and neglected children will eventually abuse their own children.

But who is there after the police leave, the courts close, and the lawyers aren’t around? Even parents can’t always protect a child from the abuser—so who can?

Now, from award-winning producer Lorne Lieb and Plowshares Media, comes Tough Love—Bikers Against Child Abuse, a dramatic documentary series that reveals, moment-by-moment, the efforts of a tight-knit and dedicated group of bikers— the men and women of the Austin, Texas chapter of Bikers Against Child Abuse who put their lives on the line to protect, nurture, and heal abused and neglected children.

With over 22 chapters across Texas and dozens each in 30 other states, Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) is fighting an uphill battle. In Austin, Texas, a chapter with 30 full members and 20 supporting members, the demand is so great that the group takes on 300 new children each year to protect them from the threat of their abusers. They also continue to protect and work with over 500 other children per year who were taken on by BACA in previous years.

BACA gets referrals to abused children from law enforcement, child services, and district attorneys who identify a need for extra emotional support or safety issues in particular cases. Only after an order of protection separates the child from the abuser, BACA members get involved in the children’s lives and help them face and minimize the fear, shame, and other destructive emotions that they feel as a result of their abuse.

So they can move on.

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