westervilledenal.com WDA employs CEREC technology to make many dental restorations as quick and convenient as possible for our patients – completing permanent partial crowns and inlays in a single office visit. Fewer injections. Less drilling. Less time in the chair.

CEREC is a one-of-a-kind technology that uses a variety of computer-aided tools – including 3D photography and CAD – to produce a customized restoration on site.

And because CEREC utilizes metal-free materials that are the closest you can get to natural enamel, it helps strengthen your original tooth, restoring as much of its healthy parts as possible.

What you should know about CEREC

- Routine restorations are typically accomplished in one appointment.
- We numb your tooth before any work is begun.
- Areas are cleaned thoroughly and any decay removed around the affected areas.
- A 3D digital impression of your tooth is taken using a special high-definition camera.
- WDA then designs a custom restoration on the CEREC computer that fits exactly to your tooth.
- From this design, the CEREC milling unit sculpts the restoration from a solid block of porcelain ceramic to the finest detail.
- The restoration is then bonded to your tooth using a special resin.

Our staff will provide you with complete instructions on how to properly care for your restoration, including proper oral hygiene practices and appropriate eating habits.

Learn more about Cerec and our Westerville Dentists at westervilledental.com/services/SpecialtyServices/CEREC.php

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