I decided to create a slideshow video of the “Misty Mountains Cold” song using images from the Scroll and others images as noted below. What is one more MMC video, right? Ha! I had fun and I hope you do, too. The music as sung by Richard Armitage and Company is mesmerizing!

This video is dedicated to Kitty, Jeannie, & the Ladies of RAFN.

(No copyright infringement is intended. This video is intended for enjoyment only.)

Images are courtesy of www .RichardArmitageNet.com and
TheOneRing.net ; TheHobbit.com, and Warner Brothers.
With the music of Howard Shore; and the lyrics of JRR Tolkien from
his book, “The Hobbit” (lyrics found on thorinoakenshield.net).
Featuring the voices of Richard Armitage & Company

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