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This is a small collection of high-res Drawn Together images that I mixed with a DJ Richie Hawtin set. A lot of these Drawn Together images come from deviantART that feature the likes of Foxxy Love, Toot, Xandir, Ling Ling, and Captain Hero...

If you can, please watch this video full screen and 720p HD quality. It looks really awesome! It's cool to see artwork of Drawn Together, especially from fans.

Ling Ling is considered by many to be the most popular character on Drawn Together; fun fact, Ling Ling will secrete a psychedelic sweat when disappointed.

Captain Hero's sexuality is still under investigation, the Drawn Together housemates still discuss Captain Hero

Drawn Together Is much better when it's watched uncensored, one gets to see all the nudity and hear all the cuss words lol

Click the link above to watch Drawn Together episodes uncensored

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