Don't forget what you were
By Sheikh Zulfiqar Ahmad
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It is the sunnah of Allah [s.w.t] and the Prophet [s.a.w] that they would tell of stories/analogies to help us understand concepts better. So following this sunnah Shaykh Zufiqar Ahmad gives 3 remarkably beneficial incidents of Sultan Mahmood Ghaznawi and Ayaaz. I normally don’t like translating clips more than 5 minutes but even though this went to about 12 minutes I felt compelled to, due to the amazing morals that are in it.

First incident- The bitter fruit
Lesson: Allah gives us so many favours that we can’t enumerate and comprehend, if Allah gives us some hardship, does it make sense that we complain? Does it not make us seem ungrateful? We should bear it with a smile, as this is the least we can do.

Second incident- Breaking the jewel
Lesson: Let us value the command of Allah more than ‘people’s opinions of us’ and our desires, for verily Allah’s command is much more valuable than a jewel or the command of any other king.

Third incident- The special closet
Lesson: Let us remember our beginning, when we were a dirty drop of fluid, and Allah blessed us and we went from strength to strength. Let us not get carried away yet be thankful and humble.

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