Co-Lab Projects 2012
Filmed and Edited by Sean Gaulager

“The Secret Social Life of Painting” : Judy Rushin

The Secret Social Life of Painting is an exhibition of works in two parts by Judy Rushin and is simultaneously on view at Co-Lab and N Space. The works at Co-Lab hang on and lean against the walls and stand freely in open spaces, creating an experiential environment that Rushin sees as an extension of themes developed in the 60s by artists like Blinky Palermo, Imi Knoebel, and Helio Oiticica. Like her forerunners, Rushin allows her creative process to be intuitive and her post-creation analyses to be equally fluid. Essentially though, she reduces the elements of discourse to their most basic components to establish a space for larger and more mysterious concepts to emerge. Hanging limp or connected to one another, the paintings look for new ways to be paintings… and that’s it. No neon signs, no climaxes, no imagery, no limelight. The work exists quietly, proceeds at a slow pace, and waits patiently for your attention. While the works on view at Co-Lab create a group dynamic, the works on view at N Space focus on individual pieces. Their statements are understated – they’re about the rigor of simplicity, not virtuosity for its own sake — but stripped of the anonymity of the group setting, they reveal an ability to speak confidently in their own right.

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