There is no greater feeling than to witness your long-time childhood friend takes a huge step in life and ties the knot.

Ronald and I have been friends for more than 10 years. In fact, he's the one who got me started with the whole infatuation with video editing. Back in the days of highschool, we used to make our own Indie movies, a better quality home video so-to-speak. Then we'd sell it to our friends for about IDR 15,000 each. It was a pretty great side business to add to our pocket money. After that, I went on to master video editing and I am now working for one of the leading brands in wedding videography, and if I look back, I have Ronald to thank for all that.

Watching him finally tie the knot with his girlfriend of 6 years was so heartwarming for me and my family. We flew in to Singapore just to see him get married. It was a joy to be a part of the day where he spoke his lifelong vow to the woman of his choice, a wonderful cheerful and caring woman. And they are lucky to have found each other.

Happy wedding once again my friend! Here is to a bright future filled with many babies!



Additional Info :
Venue : Regent Hotel & Methodist Church at Barker Road.
Songs : Hope Onto Hope Love & Circus of Love.
Wedding Organizer : None.
Make-Up Artist : Fionna Lau (
Photo : Andri (Ronald's Friend)
Video : Axioo

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