Figurine is a set of virtual soccer players created with Electronic Arts’ GameFace technology by Coll.eo. GameFace is a customization tool available at and compatible with such videogames as FIFA Soccer, NHL Hockey, and John Madden Football. The depicted athletes in the series are digital replicas of internationally known contemporary artists. The project comprises “real” stickers measuring 84 x 55mm or 3.30 x 2.17", machinima (videos), screenshots, and C-Prints on archival paper.

The title is a double entendre. In English, it refers to a small ornamental figure or “statuette, especially one of a human form” (The Oxford Dictionary). The term originated from the Italian word figurina, diminutive of figura, which, in turn, derives from Latin figura.

In Italian, the term figurine (plural of figurina, and pronunced fee-goo-ree-neh) also means "statuette". However, in the vernacular it is inextricably associated with the football stickers produced by Panini, a company headquartered in Modena and named after the Panini Brothers, Giuseppe and Benito, who founded it in 1961

The FIGURINE series suggests that Artworld and the world of professional soccer are not as different as one may think. They are both obsessed with figures, stats - mostly relating to the performers' compensation - style, and skills. Although they appeal to different audiences, they operate according to similar rules - Howard Becker (1982) would likely agree. For instance, it is not incidental that all the featured stars in this set are male. Although soccer is played by millions of women around the world, as of 2012, FIFA Soccer, the best selling soccer game in the history of the medium, does not contemplate female avatars. Similarly, women in the Artworld are still struggling to achieve the same level of recognition - including compensation equality - of their male counterparts.

Finally, the “collectible card format” of Figurine alludes to the role played by collectors in the Art World, whose role in making a certain kind of production “sticky” is crucial. After all, they gotta catch’em all.
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