Michael Kaney II - President & Co-Founder:
"I desire to help create a world where everyone can share their story with no rules, no restrictions, no fear, and no judgement. A world where we will be valued, not by our bank accounts, but by what we do for others around us and by our reputations as individuals. To dream big and create videos in hopes to inspire those around me!"

Chris Miller - Director of Operations & Co-Founder:
"I desire to help capture stories around the world which challenge us to become greater than our individual selves. I want to see a world where the craving to explore the unknown surpasses the need to remain in the safety of our routines. A world where decisions are based around personal goals instead of societal fears. Through video we can experience the world through each others' eyes and discover more about this amazing planet."

Bryan Fong - Creative Director & Co-Founder:
"I desire to live in a world where everyone is encouraged to follow their dreams. Where finding your passion is up to you, and not handed down by earlier generations. Where we are taught to remove the idea that our 'real' lives are lived outside of work. Because as simple as this quote is it can never ring more true, "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."

Music By Jack Martin (youtube username: jakmism) His music rocks, a must listen!
Another Day (Original Epic/ Inspirational Music)
Download Link: adf.ly/4NXo5

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