The Wörthersee is protected by the northern Alpines. It is situated in the southwest of Carinthia not far from the Slovenian border. The climate is nice, always mediteranian with countless hours of sunshine and pleasant water temperatures. You can go swimming, diving, water skiing, wakeboarding and parasailing and not a least sailing over the lake.
It is possible to do nordic walking and there are hiking paths. If you go golfing you can enjoy both, playing golf and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Both summertime and autumn are nice seasons to enjoy a stay at the Wörthersee in one of the nice villages along the shorline. The green colors of the Summer are replaced by the multiple colors of Autumn. When the high season is over it is time for other things like wine or hiking, visiting the palaces and villages in the area. The famous establishments are the Velden castle, Seefelds castle, Villa Bulfon, Leonstain Castle and the Seeschlössl.

Autumn is the time to go hiking (or do the Wörthersee hiking loop) in the area. When the hike come to an end its time to enjoy cider, wine and bacon in one of the many wine tavernas you can find in this area. In this time of the year there are wine festivals, not only with vinters from Austria self, but also from Italy and Slovenia held in the communities of Maria Wörth and Velden.

Nice villages to visit along the lake are:

Even after the high season is it possible to enjoy the gastronomy of the village or pay a visit to the casino. In Velden there are plenty of hotels, Bed and Breakfasts, restaurants and bars.

Keutschach - valley of 4 lakes
Keutschach valley is a valley of 4 lakes with well marked hiking trails. One of the attractions in this area is the Pyramide Kogel Panorama Tower with a magnificient views over this part of Karinthia.

Maria Wörth
This is the village were you can treath your health by wellnes and cure. Beside that the village is well known for its church on an island. The village has also one of Europe's most beautiful golf course with a splendid view over the area.

This village is at the eastside of Velden and is the entry to the Keutschachers valley with its 4 lakes.

Klagenfurt is also known as the Rose of the Wörtersee. The town has quit a number of interesting sights.
- Neuer Platz, the actual centre of Klagenfurt
- Lindwurm fountain, in the middle of the Neuer Platz
- Maria Theresa monument at the west end of the Neuer Platz
- Town hall a renaissance palace
- Fuchs Chapel with fantastic colors and numerous details
- Old town hall, formely the Weizer palace
- Landhaus building that replaced the town's first castle
- Haus zur Goldene Gans, the oldest building in town
- Alter Platz, one of the routes on which the town was founded
- Trinity column and plague column on the Heiligengeistplatz
- Kramergasse, the oldest street in Klagenfurt
- Wörther-See-Mandl legen explaining the origins of the lake
- Floriani monument to commemorate the great fire of 1777
- City Theatre a Jugenstil building
- Stadhaus Building, build in the 18th century
- Stadtgalerie, build by the town in the 18th century
- Pfarrplatz square, the oldest municipal cemetery
- Spanheim monument, statue of Duke Bernard of Spanheim
- Carinthian Museum of Modern Art, a former castle
- Diocesan museum, a beautiful collection of sacred art
- Domplatz square with cathedral
- Goldener Brunnen house from the 17th century
- St. Mary’s church, build by Adam Koinig
- The stone fisherman
- Church of the Holy Ghost at the Heiligergeistgasse
- Bamberg courtyard a renaissance arcaded courtyard
- Stauderplatz 8, idealised style of German rural architecture
- Maria Loretto Castle a 2 store rectangular building
- Kreuzbergl a recreation area
- Musil House with a permanent exhebition of Robert Musil
- Lend canal an idyllic waterway

Where the Wörthersee is most beautiful. It is a peninsula in the lake.

The moving arena at the Wörthersee. Here you can dive into the clear water of the lake or start hiking on the Wörthersee hiking way around the lake.

At the traces of the Karolinger.

Is well known for its wood carving.

Carnica-Region Rosental
It is the most beloved hiking region in the southern Carinthia close to the Karwendel mountain range.

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