the brief was to animate the interface of after effects, using only after effects, starting and ending with the same frame, which was a screencap of after effects. as you can see, we said, 'nah', and went our own way with things.

the first thing that comes to my mind when i think after effects is, 'has unexpectedly quit'. oh hey, you tryna do a project that's due in tomorrow and all you want it is to render and playback 2 seconds of footage? ha, ha, CRASH CRASH CRASH.

essentially, if you overwhelm after effects with too much going on, layer-wise, script-wise, effects-wise, file-size-wise; AE is gonna have a meltdown because it doesn't give a shit about you. we took the idea of the interface as a three-dimensional environment from the sense of the program being a workspace, and also a creative space, and interlaced it with the feeling of being overwhelmed by so much going on - not unlike being shuttled around in a chaotic, claustrophobic city like london. the metaphor becomes pretty self-explanatory. anyway, our tutor wasn't too pleased because we ignored all the restrictions of the brief, but this definitely turned out better than we expected and i'd like to explore more with 3D space. in short, ignore all the rules.*

photoshop editing: cat velez
animation: becca hyman
sound design: collaborative

*this may backfire on you

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