This video was made to enhance the philosophical notion my team and I built into the materiality of a set of 7 knives. This is only the end result of a very demanding one week module called "Materiality in Time & Context". The objective of this module was to learn a deeper understanding of the meaning and impressions an objects materials can give to another person.

In my teams case, we made 7 knives inspired on the philosophical notion of "Martyrdom". We chose to present the 7 knives as a form of de-evolution from the standard (perfectionism) butter knife, towards the imperfect and handmade craft knife. This was inspired by a scene from Indiana Jones, where he must choose Jesus's "Cup of Life". The incorrect one being the perfect and bejeweled cup, but the one that Jesus used was a humble and imperfect cup. We chose this form of materiality due to its clear links to one of religions famous Martyrs.

The objects and the craftsman must both suffer for the grander goal of creating the tool. They both have a shared Martyrdom in craft.

The Martyrs:
Attalan Mailvaganam
Thomas van Lankveld
Rhys Duindam

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