A public awareness film tackling the problem of domestic violence in the Arab world, to demonstrate this brutal behavior; the wife and child were portrayed as crash dummies like the one they use in car crash experiments.

I had to capture the performance of the actors and replace them with CG substitute, while keeping the interaction between the later and other actors, environment and light accurate.
Using a RED One camera, mounted on MILO motion control device as the principle camera, in addition to three more cameras to capture the trackers on the woman and the child, we transferred their movement into two crash dummies CG characters in the final delivered commercial.
a- I did a Camera based mocap tracking using match_mover tracking system then exported the tracking point's animation into 3DS Max.
b- the woman in the clip was rigged using character studio ( the default ready character rig inside Max ) so to control its animation I choose to apply the points animation as if I was applying a mocap file, and the suitable file extension was CSM ( Character studio motion capture file ) which takes positions or tracking points and apply it into specific points on the character studio ready character, so by studying the anatomy of this file, and the positions of required points on our character body, I have to convert the points animation into a CSM file, so I wrote an importer using Max script programming language to automatically Transform the imported data From match_mover ( points in space ) into CSM file ( Mocap file ) which we imported directly into our characters as a mocap file in 3DS Max ( character studio).
c- I built an importer/ exporter utility using Maya's Mel scripting language to bring our character into Maya then into Endorphin or into Endorphin directly and back to complete some motions ( the woman is falling on the ground ) and some other shots.
d- In Endorphin, I built the woman character ( Endorphin Simulation Character ) to take our primary animation, then adding some behavior and reaction to gravity and some additional forces, so as the woman was dragged of her neck, she was struggling and trying to get rid of the belt, which was totally an AI behavior with very suitable parameters, to simulate three main shots, Pulling the woman on the floor, throwing her against the wall, and fallen woman in the third shot, then I made some morph targets and simple face rig both for the child and the woman, and animated those.
c- I Supervised the Lighting, shading, and rendering all the layers using HDRI lighting And Mentalray, and separate velocity pass.
d- I supervised the composting process in Nuke and after effects.

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