Jay and Shannon have been together since college. Now, both approaching 30, Shannon makes an understandable request for the ultimate commitment. Unfortunately, Jay does not see the need for such a legal definition of their relationship. Frustrated, Shannon seeks comfort in the arms of Blake - a new friend who seems to share her ideals about the future. Does she gamble on this new opportunity or stick it out with the one she loves - who may not be able to give her all she needs?

Produced, directed and edited by Erik Mauck.
Co-produced and additional photography by Chelsea Hernandez

Performances by:
Ryan Edgerly
River Gareth
Matt Thornton
Scott Bate
Shirley Thornton
Robert Thornton
Bob Richardson
Coby Cooper
Rich Russell
Landry McMeans

2009 Austin Film Festival
2010 REEL Independent Film Festival
2010 Itzon featured online screenings

NOTE: I will consider any "tips" over $10 a pre-order for the DVD, which will be released in early 2013 and will include deleted scenes.

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