Berlin Workshop, Music, Serbian and French Teams

Radijojo gGmbH (Berlin), the Media Education Centre (Belgrade) and Une Terre Culturelle (Marseille) are going to carry out a trilateral Media Pedagogy Exchange programme for children aged 10 to 13 years. About 10 participating children per country should receive positive impulses for their personal development through these encounters with peergroups from other countries.
For the preparation with regards to content and organisation of the first children's meeting in Berlin which presumably will take place in Berlin from October 20th to 26th 2012, the participating organisations agree on arranging a preparatory meeting of two persons in charge from each country in Belgrade from July, 31st to Aug, 3rd 2012.

„Money“ will be the main topic of the whole media pedagogic programme with its three parts for the children. We are going to develop this theme with its different content levels according to the age and perspective of the participating children, particularly in historical as well as political and economic respects with regard of the current debt crisis in the Western industrial countries. If possible we will also treat questions of development in emerging countries.

For that, we are going to engage interesting interviewees from political and economical life, in order to enable the children a deeper insight by inquiring on the different aspects of money. We think of public figures, e.g. from the German Ministry of Finance or from the Berliner Senate’s Administration for Finance (and likewise for Marseille and Belgrade), from the Public Mint, the Federal Printing Office in Berlin or the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK). Other potential interview partners could be had in the finance industry in Germany, France and Serbia, e.g. in the stock exchange or from insurances, from financial institutions in emerging or developing countries, from Afro-Shops, by small business owners, or from unemployed people, for instance. We are going to precise this later, possibly in respect of funding institutions.

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