Filmed,Directed & Edited by Maria Raptaki
Mexico City, August 2012 -Monos Urbanos Workshops -Move Fest
Super glad to meeting the fellow mexican teams like Traceur Project, Urban Runners, Daizuke and the rest guys.
It was such a sweet experience to spend time with the mexican parkour community which is growing fast and got some really dedicated parkour practitioners. I had a blast at Mexico, thanks everyone for the love and warmness you showed me.
The purpose of this video, apart from showing some Mexican crazy fun, is to show the unique expression every person has. How different everybody moves and expresses themselves in every single action we do. To make you wonder why people try to copy-paste other people's styles, movement, behavior, stories, life, when everyone could be one special existence inspiring others with their special own way..(?)Being unique is your power, this is what will make you differ, this is how you'll write your own personal history in this life and it's what counts in the end, being able to stay yourself and feel happy with what you do. "If you are not enjoying it, then you're doing something wrong" Maria Raptaki.

Thanks for watching!

Song list:
1. Babe Ruth -The Mexican
2. Kill Bill OST -Don't let me be MisUnderstood (Instrumental)
3. The 5 6 7 8 -Woo Hoo

Nikon D3100 - 18-55mm

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