My project initiated from rethinking “varitas”, means truth in English. We tried different tests in order to capture truth. There are two layers for us to approach the issue of truth. One is pursuing truth through self-reflection and the other is a comprehensive understanding of truth through communication.

Searching for truth is a long journey, during which I experience frustration and skepticism. When I try to approach it truth confuses me even more with its varied representations and guises. Sometimes, I experience conflict and contradiction, other times momentary identification. My project juxtaposes the truth and its depictions and representations in order to emphasize the constant friction between the two.

Handwriting is introduced as a primitive skill that originates the communication of history and knowledge. Through handwriting, pursuing, preserving, and discovering the truth was recorded, and at the same time skepticism, conflict, and challenging of truth was remembered. Hand-written documents are transformed into prints, and prints are stored in libraries to create the only body of verification of the truth in academic discourse, one generation after another, until now.

My project takes Harvard University’s Widener Library as the site. This is the largest university library in the United States and the second largest library in the country. In animated handwriting on its iconic front façade, words and notations are used to depict every element of it. For example, on its columns, one can write column, stone, grey color, etc. This is a process of writing the fact on the object itself. It is not redundant if one starts questioning the distance between the object and its objective description. In this project, the technical apparatus is created consisting of a projector, a computer and a tablet. In this case, the writing, which is describing the façade is understood as the representation of the truth, and fuses with the truth itself.

In the parts hidden in darkness, the projection lights them up, the representation of truth merges with the truth. In the parts that are in lightness, the projection dissolves into the object, the true description of untruth description seems to be irrelevant. This interplay between projected handwriting, the building and its physical environment creates a simultaneous dynamic. What you see, what you want to see, and what you think you are seeing converges into the same temporal and spatial moment.

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