Take it to the streets - or grocery store - with MindSwarms Mobile

We’re very excited to announce that researchers can now have consumers shoot and upload video from any location using the MindSwarms app on their smartphone. Available free for download, consumers are using the MindSwarms app to respond to studies in any location you can dream up (see attached video of a shopper at Whole Foods).

More here: blog.mindswarms.com/

"I'm here at Whole Foods and it's Friday morning at eleven thirty. There's nothing to complain about in a store like this. I'm looking around for samples because I love the samples. I did not bring a list this time because I really only needed the hair dye, but I thought I'd go through the isles and just search anyway to see what else I could find.

I need some canned corn and I've got a couple of choices: there's the 365 brand or there is the Westbrae organic corn. I can't imagine there's a huge different between these two choices, so I'm going to pick the 365 Whole foods can because it's a dollar cheaper. Wanna take a peek in my cart, let's see if I can show you.

The only complaint I have is I haven't found a single sample yet which is really distressing because it's one of my favorite, favorite things. So hopefully when I get to the cheese area there will be something.

Well, just found a couple of beverage samples: boring! I would love a sample bar like they have at Trader Joe's, it makes the trip just that much more pleasant. It also gives me a lot of ideas for recipes. So that's really the only thing that I can think of that I would change."


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