This reel serves as a highlight demo of the work completed from June 2012 to November 2012. Projects range from promos, adverts, short films, personal self-development projects, and music videos. A large portion of these clips originate from the body of work I have completed while working as a freelance multimedia specialist.

Programs used: Adobe After Effects, Zbrush, Maya, Final Cut Pro, Avid, Apple Shake, Nuke, Adobe CS5 Creative

Track: "H.A.T.D" -- Gemini

**I DO NOT OWN the rights to this audio track. I have used this audio track in conjunction with these selected video clips for non-profit and do not intend on infringing on the rights of the artist. If a problem may arise from the selected audio, please notify me and I will immediately take this video down. Not only does this audio track serve as a catalyst behind the clips I have chosen, but I have used this track to bring an awareness to the artist.

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