Critically engaging with the latest developments in wearable technologies, 'Crafting Human Perception' questions the traditional relationship between textile artefacts and the human sensory system. Static surfaces are transformed into interactive haptic membranes, traditionally crafted fabrics are functionally augmented through embedded electronics.

The aim of the project is to extend the natural bandwidth of human perception and to encourage the rediscovery of our own body through touch. When the visitors engage with the crafted surface, they initiate a cognitive feedback loop between the internal systems of touch and hearing. The immersive multi-sensory experience creates an intimate sensual dynamics that heightens both physical and sensory self-awareness.

The materials and craft techniques used in the process are exploited as pure expressive media, their peculiar textural and functional features are augmented through technology. The work aims to define a new hybrid aesthetics that balances tradition and innovation, industrial and organic, permanent and ephemeral qualities.

The artifacts resulting from this process become therefore entities of indefinite nature, relational objects with latent interactive and transformative potential.

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