This track was made at the end of 2009, so it was made about 3 years ago. Keep that in mind while posting a comment.
This was my first collaboration with ''WDC'' from ''Canada''. This track was on his Youtube page a while ago, but since Youtube took his page down for no good reason this track was also deleted.
The beat is produced by ''44532'' from Germany back in the days when Myspace was still dope.
Anyway, let me know what you think, like, comment, favorite,share,subscribe !

''His-Story Ft. WDC - Devastating Poision(Prod. By 44532)''

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(Verse 1 His-Story )
I trust no one,when it comes to real Friends,
Crack,stabbed in the Back,I wont forget what pain it Brings.
They are always the first in line when this angel Sings,
Time for pay Back,for leave me to Death with my broken Wings.
Im the King among Kings,its just one of those Things,
When I beserk and cut loose from all of my hostage Rings.
It was a meaningless Arresting,a death Blessing,
It felt Devastating,a unhealable poisend Sting.
You ever felt that feeling that you lay in a Hospital,
No ones there,no one around,nobody at All.
Then you remember how many times they said they always be There,
I was Unawared I never thout that nobody would Care.
But I dont give a Damn now u can be my Fan,
Im not that little person im 18 and ready to be a Men.
I will show you what I Can,something you wont Forget,
Make you look Back at the situation,make sure you Regret.

(Chorus His-Story)
Call this a payback Track for people stabbed me in the Back,
Making promisses in my face but dont know were the fack we At.
And im sick of all this,im so done with all this Crap,
Devastating unhealable as That.

(Verse 2: WDC)

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