What if a girl broke free from her ties to others after a breakup and ran away from it all? Can we really escape our past?

A girl who feels the pressure of holding onto connections to others as they are pulling away and everyone is moving in different directions decides to break free and run away from it all. She hopes that by running away, she will not have to face any problems or loneliness in a familiar place. We can never truly escape our past or run away from our problems; life events and relationships are cyclical. It is important to learn to cope with our problems rather than running away, otherwise we will constantly be running and will never grow.

Directed by: Rachael Brandon
Starring: Meghan Perry & Anthony Morone
Director of Photography: Noel Woodford
Assistant Camera/Script Supervisor: Imani Ashmeade
Camera: SONY FS100

NYU Sight & Sound Film 2012 Laszlo Santha

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