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Daisy Orton is a young girl (played by Daisy May) left for dead by a violent mugger on the streets of London. We enter Daisy’s world through a news studio, as she timidly recalls for the cameras her version of the events that took place that fateful evening. Her saviour is Charlie Cipriani (played by Will Payne), a down-on-his-luck, local-man, who got Daisy to hospital minutes before she would have died. The tale of Cipriani’s heroic actions has captured the heart of a city, but as the plot unfolds it becomes apparent that all is not as it seems…

Winner - London 48hour film project "Best use of character"
Winner - Shortcutz London - November 2012

Director: Nick Mason
Director of Photography: JP Caldeano. Jesse Llande

Will Payne, Daisy May, Jack Moore, Nick Jennings, Hugo Mason, Lizzy Unite

Windsock Productions 2012

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