In addition to simply capturing unique aerial shots for our clients, we are also asked to produce complete marketing videos.

This is an example of a final video we produced to market a golf tourism destination in a fresh new way.

The production really emphasizes the uniqueness and versatility of the shots we can achieve using our RC helicopters. We incorporated a wide variety of stunning shots into this production - high level aerial shots and "fly bys" to showcase the golf holes and scenery, slide cam shots from the ground, dynamic low level flying movements to capture the golfers from unique new angles, and long smooth rises and reveals!

We made the most of our sophisticated technology for this production. Much of the video was captured by flying our Octocopter in "First Person View" (FPV). This is done by having the pilot wear high tech goggles and a second camera mounted on the RC helicopter to fly the helicopter as though he were actually inside the aircraft looking out!

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