Allah is waiting for you
By Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmad
[Subtitles in english]
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Allah divided mercy into 100 parts he gave one part of that mercy to the world's humans, animals, plants, inanimate objects e.t.c. on the day of judgement Allah will exercise these 99 parts of mercy. How much love does Allah have for his creation?

If an individual spends a life of disobedience, stays immersed in sins then Allah does not
want this person to go away from him. Allah wants him to return to him and waits for him. The scholars have written: like a mother waits for her long lost son to return, with an
even greater longing Allah awaits the return of his sinful slave.

"Let today be the day when you turn back to Allah.
Become successful in this world and the hereafter"

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