Fashion. Journey to the Universe. Broken.

Research and Inspiration:
Vitamin D New Perspectives In Drawing (book title), Pail Noble, Jesse Bransford, Ernesto Caivano, Matt Greene, Cosmology in different culture, Intellectualism, Anti-intellectualism, Super-intellectualism, Tamaki Saito, Japanese society, Actop, Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, Self-actualization, Gamification, Michael Ende, John Lennon, etc.

Macbook Air 11-inch / Photoshop, AfterEffects, Cinema4D, and WavePad ( all free for trial/student ! )
Music remixed by Aki T:
Mop of the Head 'Superhuman'
Urusei-yatsura(うる星やつら) 'Ram's love song (ラムのラブソング)'

It was my first time to create a 3D animation by myself. Although I had to face millions of failures, I've managed to finish this piece before the deadline. Through the discussion with a tutor, I've become aware of what I am trying to convey through the execution. It was absolutely thanks to Roland, the great tutor who trusted me a lot and encouraged me to give it a go, Jonathan, the amazing tutor of the evening course for 3Ds Max, and thousands of tutorials on YouTube and Vimeo. And of course, I really appreciate you for watching my piece. Many thanks to you !!!!!

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