I've had a handful of requests from people to publish some video of this pothole. The pit of despair in Poe gets a lot of play as one of the scariest and difficult potholes to defeat, but as far as the most terrifying to look at, it has to be the Wart which is even farther downcanyon.

This clip was shot in 2009, on an original GoPro (not HD). So excuse the poor quality. You can see me going onto a guided rappel, and transitioning to a tyrolean traverse to cross the gaper. What you don't see is how we solved the thing. It's not particularly difficult once you figure it all out, but I won't explain the solution here, for those who don't want the paint by numbers on this particular obstacle.

I think the kids call that a "keeper."

Music - Broke For Free - As Colorful As Ever - vimeo.com/musicstore/track/63807

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