(REI's already existing YouTube partnership would heavily capitalize on these five viral films.)

Up until 2:27 is the project proposal. The remaining time addresses specific questions, such as:

2:32 - Can we (REI) approve/disapprove the projects? (Yes. I encourage my scripts and final products be approved.)
3:10 - What is our level of involvement? (Not a lot of time required; you approve of the script and final viral videos, I do the rest)
3:55 - What if we don't like the videos? (I guarantee satisfaction. REI can terminate the projects at any time, and I offer a full refund)
4:15 - How do we track the success of the videos? (if requested, I will track views and compile reports)
4:26 - Are these the same projects as before? (Not necessarily. Less edgy and less 'juvenile.' Personifies the reality, fun, and challenge the outdoors provides.)
5:14 - Do you have any examples? (Yes. Probably way too many ideas!)

More specifics will follow if you would like to move ahead.

Thank you very much for considering.

-Beau C.

About the publicity of this video: Uploaded as a replacement to an obsolete video, thus this will not show on any news feeds.

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