A Day in Our Lives is an online video series I created that captures a day in the life from skaters around the world. This is the first volume. It captures complete days of Anthony Williams, Mikey Blair, Sean Knight, Andrew Scherf, and Ryan Googins. It also features skating from Iain and Colin Mcleod, Ryan Santos, Brian Weis, Jeph Howard, DP, Ryan Roux, Ranier Piramide, and many more.
The message behind this series is that we all are from different places, have different back rounds and skate at different skill levels but in the end of the day we all just go out and Blade and have fun with friends. volume 1 will be out on revival next week.
Thanks to everyone who helped film the days of the skaters. A big thanks to all the artist that contributed their music to it, And thanks to all the skaters who skated for it.
Artist: Dickie Bass
Song: Another Song

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