"Three Buddies" (Showreel Version) of 48HFP NSW 2012

Genre - Silent Film
Prop - Mobile phone
Line - Life as we know it will end
Character - Neil Armstrong

Producer : Seung-Je "Jack" Koh / Chase Lee
Director/Scriptwriter : Seung-Je "Jack" Koh
Cinematographer : Steven John Kerr
Assistant Director : Kevin Seak
Sound Recording : Edward Heart
Composer : Leif Gregory / Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Editor / Motion Graphic : Seung-Je "Jack" Koh
Graphic Slate Design : Ju-Hyun Tracy Kim
Location Support : Adam Bowes

Adam Bowes as 'Neil Armstrong'
Chase Lee as 'Charles Opportunie'
Franck Bossi as 'Francis Hotboil'

Naomi Doras
Hitomi Abe
Yalda Koshawarzi

This film is made for the 48 Hours Film Project 2012

Copyright 2012, Zero to Epic Production.

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