This is a traditional dance (Kuda Lumping or Jaranan from my hometown - Kediri, Indonesia), precisely in the hamlet Ngaglik Village of Dandangan. And, the glimpse about Kuda Lumping or Jaranan (Sources: Mr. Wakhid):

In the middle of this dense urban globlisasi era Kediri remain enthusiastic organizing art "Jaranan" on the agenda grebek suro, the birthday of the city, art is always a welcome event.

In the midst of the development of the modern era in art Jaranan the procession gong, kenong, trumpet, and drums also can be combined with modern art, ie mengimprovisasikan musical accompaniment and mix with the kind of music dangdut, or tasters. as well as very flexible dancer also play horse braid / lumping horse, the best would be like "Dandang Suryo Budoyo" which stands on: 06-mey-2010, in the hamlet Ngaglik Village of Dandangan.

The one on the stretcher by youths in a village dandangan Kediri town, led by the father Mujimin, is a collection of the art of dance Jaranan still using typical dance authenticity era ancestors. At the present time in the modern era to authenticity dance that is still preserved, and gamelan music collaborate well in modern as well as tasters. The combination is so incredible performance, the audience was drawn to the presentation of the dancers yangat flexible role. Why are the dancers are very flexible to play?

Apparently, basically dance this dance contains a story or stories in the stretcher by the King of kings past, like the story of King Klono Sewandono. It is said that the King was about to edit Klono Sewandono Princess Dewi Songgo sky to be made empress in his kingdom, but the Princess Goddess of Heaven Songgo a requirement to Gusti Prabu KlonoSewandono to provide a spectacle that has never Existed in this world braid that lumping horse or pony. Ultimately, Princess Gusti had held a contest, for anyone who can give a show that does not exist in the country, namely horse braid / lumping horse, who gives a performance at her husband made.

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