During my study abroad experience, I conducted research on the double burden of undernutrition and obesity in the developing countries of India, China, and South Africa. I chose to take this Documentary Engagement course in order to gain a greater understanding of childhood obesity in my own country.

Bull City Fit is a program here in Durham that teaches overweight children about healthy nutrition and exercise habits. I had the pleasure of working with Malinda Jolly, a 15-year-old who has been the longest standing member of the program. Over her past three years of commitment, she has shown remarkable improvement in body and mind. Her positive attitude and work ethic has made her a leader among the participants of Bull City Fit. While she once described herself as a lazy potato, she is now an athlete — a passionate soccer player.

My documentary sets out to tell her success story in a way that truly encapsulates her personality and serves as motivation for those who may be struggling with a similar health situation. Malinda has been nothing less than an inspiration to work with and I know that she will continue to lead and motivate those around her.

Rosalie Forman is a senior at Duke University. She is pursuing a major in International Comparative Studies
and certificates in Global Health as well as Policy Journalism and Media.

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