Fitness and health applications and sports brands today assist users to monitor their health and fitness levels and progress. EXCEED is a designed film teaser to promote an application that analyses the form and flow of athletes in the art of motion. The concept of the teaser is based on the idea that the more knowledge you have the more intelligent you become.

The abstract 3D objects and geometric shapes portray a physical form of knowledge and motion as the athletes perfect their form and excel in their art with flow, technique, and precision. The shapes successively evolve in correlation to their respective athletes. As each of them progress, the objects become much more full. The teaser’s aim is to evoke inspiration and curiosity in its audience, and consequentially allowing them to anticipate the product behind the video. Inspired by Bernard Tan, Amon Tobin, The variable, The Mill, Shueti, Samsung Galaxy Unleash Your Fingers.

Art Director & Editor:
Chris James Nguyen

Noel Carlowe
Chris James Nguyen
Ali Kadhim

Post Production:
Chris James Nguyen

Ali Kadhim
Rikki Carman
Joshua Tieu
Kim L. Nguyen
Michael Wong
Jimmy James Pham
Thien Nguyen
David Vo

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