People keep showing up, and there's no way we're all going to fit back inside. I share a few words with the members of Naomi Punk as they're setting up. Words like "grunge" and "slowcore" are deflected, meaningless. "Most writers don't know how to describe us," explains Neil, who plays guitar. "They just talk about our haircuts."

Living room's at capacity now. Two songs deep, and we're just a mess of tangled limbs drowning in humidity and noise and alcohol. Then coarse guitar and a high, filtered vocal introduces "The Buzz." The crowd has eroded all boundaries by now, but the band is adaptable, and the rhythms stay intact.

Partway through, a squad car shows up outside. Blinking lights scatter through the window, and we realize this is going to be the last song. Travis, unfazed, screams, "I wanna feel a feeling." Yeah, yeah, yeah.

• Directed by Hannah Gregg • Produced by Chris Cantino • Edited by Josiah Marshall • Camera by Hannah Gregg, Josiah Marshall, Chris Cantino, Gary Tyler, Lymay Iwasaki • Audio by Mike Elliot • Words by Will Giardino

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