This is a song that I wrote and recorded in my basement with the 8mm app on my iPad. I am playing a Gretch Elecromatic through an early 1970s silverface Twin Reverb and the vocals are being projected through a Fender Passport 300. The sound is being recorded with the iPad's built in microphone.



I used to have a home
but I was never smiling.
Although they smiled at me
I knew that it was trying for them.

So out with my melancholy
I found a place to rest my head.
Now when I think about those memories
it was always me smiling at them.

Ain't it pretty when you remember
people when you are down.
But ain't it sad when you remember
you're only happy when they're not around.

Memories fade and that self fades away
but the constant between them remains.

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