BoonSing have been my friend since our secondary school and when he asked me to document his big day last week, I asked him if he mind my inexperience of doing portrait and wedding photography, so he said NO he don't mind, and i said YES instantaneously!

Landscape and time-lapse photographer now doing wedding photography??? Are you serious??? Well i've also never thought about it! But it's also the first time I feel so lost while shooting LOL!

Well then, this is my first time of venturing into wedding and event photography as well as a little videography. Truly challenging as i have never done this before, and with only me myself as the sole photographer, i have to cover the bride, the groom, the big family, the ceremony, the wedding buffet, the party! I added a little twist into wedding photography by doing some time-lapse, i hope you don't feel dizzy after watching this :) Just experimental!

All in all, it's just a fun movie clip to share here with everybody. And I wish BoonSing and Florence happily ever after.

If you are not from Malaysia, the language spoken in the video is mostly Chinese and Hokkien. And this is a typical wedding ceremony for Chinese people from Penang, Malaysia.

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