At the Informal Session, member of Council received new information about an "enhanced" package negotiated chief by Chris Hilbert [3rd] with the help of Bruce Tyler [1st], Reva Trammell [8th], and Marty Jewell [5th].

In the "enhanced" deal gives an addition 4.5 million to Schools over the next 8-10 years. Bon Secours agreed to pay an additional $1 million by dedicated contributions of $100,000 over the next 10 years. The other $3.5 million is composed of concessions on the part of the administration to dedicate various taxes and revenue to Richmond Public Schools over the next 8-10 years.

Here are the sources of these revenues:

1.) $5000 annual lease with an additional $28,000 tacked on for the city to maintain the fields. Previously, Bon Secours had said they would pay to maintain the fields at a cost of $35,000 annually.

2.) The city will dedicate $288,000 for ten years, this is the real estate tax paid on the Westhampton School property. With an additional $32,000 annually for ten years from non-real estate taxes, such as BPOL.

3.) The city will also dedicate for the next 8 years $195,000 which is the projected taxes revenue generated by the 100,000 visitors spending $8.5 million in three weeks during summer training camp.

4.) The city will dedicate $60,000 annually for 10 years in Payment in Lieu of Taxes from the Leigh Street Office building to schools’ program enhancements as determined by City Council.

The only concession the Redskins made to "enhance" the deal was to allow the Mayor to appoint one member to the Redskins' Charitable Foundation Leadership Council and "The Redskins' Charitable Foundation staff and Bon Secours' staff would meet on a quarterly basis with City staff and the School Board to discuss the needs of the School system, and collaborate on the best ways to address those needs."

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