This exhibit explores the Powers of Ten concept and the relative sizes of the body’s vital components.

Consisting of two huge LCD screens placed vertically, side-by-side, it is one of several animations we created for the Kusuri Medicine Museum (a new exhibit located in Tokyo’s Nihonbashi district) targeted for junior high school level students.

Starting at a view outside the human body, we zoom into the human body in successive orders of magnitude, approaching the heart, pushing into the blood vessel, surging by the red blood cells, and into the nucleus of an endothelial cell until we've zoomed in all the way into chromosomes and the double helix of DNA.

The interface on the left side was designed to offer viewers a reference point and a guide relevant to each Power of Ten Unit, beginning from a meter, all the way down to a billionth of a meter (10 -9).

Sponsored by pharmaceutical firm Daiichi Sankyo Co., the museum includes over 25 minutes of animation from Hybrid Medical Animation and other innovative visual exhibitions to help visitors discover how medicines are derived from plants, bacteria and other compounds, work on 3-D puzzles to create medicines, and even play games in which medicines battle viruses and bacteria.

Consisting of two floors, the museum also features a mini theater that screens films on the history and future of medicine.

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