Band: Tiger High
Album: Catacombs After Party
Label: Trashy Creatures Records & Burger Records
Released: November 13th 2012 on CD and for Digital Download
Director/Editor/Projection: Christopher Reyes
Camera: Josh Beckmeyer
Production: Jorge Soto La Marina

TIGER HIGH features Jake Vest, Toby Vest, Greg Roberson, and Greg Faison

Tiger High's "Catacombs After Party" is available through Trashy Creatures Records as a 12 track CD or Digital download.

It is also available as a high quality 15 song cassette through Burger Records & Trashy Creatures Records. The cassette release features 3 songs and 1 alternate mix that are exclusive to the cassette release only.

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The sophomore release “Catacombs After Party” from psychedelic garage rock quartet Tiger High is available now, via Trashy Creatures Records / Burger Records.
Tiger High is a tight knit group of musicians all born and raised in the music mecca of Memphis, TN. The group is composed of Jake Vest (Jack Oblivian, The Trashed Romeos), drummer Greg Roberson (Reigning Sound, Arthur Lee’s Love, The Trashed Romeos, Jack Oblivian, Compulsive Gamblers) and longtime musical partners, Toby Vest and Greg Faison.
The bands new record is currently climbing the CMJ Top 200 chart. As of December 11, 2012, “Catacombs After Party” moved up 45 slots to #65.
Mojophenia called Tiger High’s latest release “Catacombs After Party”,”… a soaring beast of a follow-up to April`s debut album release `Myth Is This`. Paste Magazine said “Catacombs After Party is a lot nastier than its predecessor ‘Myth Is this’ which sounded like Phil Spector manning the faders for a crackling indie band.”
The band is led by drummer Roberson, who has acquired an impressive resume as the original drummer for Reigning Sound, as well as his work with Rich Reatard (The Reatards, Lost Sounds) and Jack Oblivian in the Knaughty Knights. Roberson also logged time as a member of Jack & Greg Oblivian's Compulsive Gamblers, Jack Oblivian's Tennessee Tearjerkers, and worked with sixties psychedelic icon Arthur Lee until Lee’s untimely death in late 2006.
“Catacombs After Party” is available as a fifteen-song cassette (through a joint venture between Memphis, TN-based Trashy Creatures Records and Fullerton, CA's Burger Records) or as a twelve-song CD. Both offerings from Tiger High are available through the Trashy Creatures Records secure web store or for Digital download through the Trashy Creatures Records Digital store


The week of December 11th 2012, Tiger High's "Catacombs After Party" is at #65 on the CMJ Top 200 chart.

Tiger High's debut album "Myth Is This" peaked at #67 on the CMJ Top 200 charts in May 2012

“Don’t Want to See You Till You Go is tough and hard hitting, but won’t make you want to crack any skulls, you’ll be too busy dancing the whole time."

Get Bent April 2012
Indeed, if all you know of Tiger High is their reverb-doused debut album Myth Is This—which sounds like Phil Spector manning the faders for a crackling indie band—this Memphis four-piece is much toothier onstage. “Myth Is This was recorded before we ever played live,” Roberson says. “Live, we’re really…brutal.”
Accordingly, Tiger High’s sophomore album Catacombs After Party is a lot nastier than its predecessor. The LP, a release date for which will be announced soon, begins with “So Long” which is goosed by sheets of fuzzy clang. “Coral Castles” wiggles with Bolan-meets-Iggy attitude, while “Lightspeed” traverses languid verses and an LSD-vibration chorus before collapsing into tremolo-feedback crescendo.
Paste Magazine Issue #61 September 21st 2012

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